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morning shows dzhokhar tsarnaev on the ground after his capture last night with atf and fbi agents standing over him. the fbi has a simple message this morning on its wanted poster for this 19 year old. it simply now says captured. >> and the boston police were celebrating on twitter understandably writing captured in all caps. the hunt is over. the search is done. the terror is over. and justice has won. suspect is in custody. >> some of the unforgettable scenes last night. an ambulance rolling away from the scene of the capture last night in the back a patient we believe to be this young man who was the subject of this massive manhunt that had nearly a million people in and around the boston area on lockdown. let's go back to lester. >> all right, matt. here's where things stand right now. the lone remaining bombing suspect, 19-year-old dzhokhar tsarnaev is hospitalized in boston this morning. he's believed to be in serious condition recovering from
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gunshot wounds suffer during the shootout on friday morning with police that left his brother dead. this all came to a head of course last night shortly before 7:00 p.m. when shots rang out here in watertown for the second time in 24 hours. it was close to the spot where tsarnaev and his brother had that confrontation with police thursday night going into friday. the 19 year old was hiding out in a boat in backyard spotted by a resident there who alerted authorities and then it was 8:40 p.m. we got word that tsarnaev was captured alive. that's believed to be his ambulance speeding away. relieved citizens cheered in the streets. amazing sight. president obama appeared in the white house briefing room shortly after 10:00 p.m. to say thank goodness its over. certainly capturing the mood not only here in watertown but across this region. matt and savannah, back to you. >> where does this investigation go from here? nbc's justice correspondent pete williams has been working this
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story tirelessly around the clock. pete, good morning to you. >> matt, good morning. the justice department says it intends to put dzhokhar tsarnaev on trial in a regular civilian court using the rules that apply in any criminal trial and that's renewing a debate about how to try terrorists on american soil. as soon as he is physically ready, dzhokhar tsarnaev will be subjected to questioning by federal authorities but in the beginning he will not be given the usual miranda warning about the right to remain silent. instead, the government will invoke a rule that allows questioning a suspect without giving advice of rights. >> there is a public safety exemption in cases of national security and potential charges involving acts of terrorism and so the government has that opportunity right now. >> reporter: the government invoked the same rule in the case of the so-called underwear bomber. as in his case it allows questioning to learn of any potential plots or accomplices that could present a continuing
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threat. >> the first questions the fbi will focus on are specific threats that he might be aware of likely are there any other improvised explosive devices, other people working in the network. the sorts of things that go directly to whether or not there's a continuing threat to public safety. >> reporter: he'll face charges brought by the justice department because terrorism is a federal crime with a trial in a regular civilian court. and as in other high profile terrorism cases, some republicans in congress say that's the wrong legal path. senator lindsay graham of south carolina has said tsarnaev should be questioned by u.s. intelligence agencies and put on trial before a military commission perhaps even at guantanamo bay in cuba. the obama administration has insisted that criminal trials can be just as effective and tsarnaev is an american citizen which could complicate putting him in a military court. the next step is filing formal charges which could come within the next day or so with an initial appearance before a federal magistrate.
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if he's not well enough to move, that could still be done in the hospital. lest lester? >> we want to get the latest on the conditions of the surviving suspect, dzhokhar tsarnaev. ron allen is outside of the boston hospital where he is being treated. ron, what's the latest from there? >> reporter: good morning, lester. we're not hearing anything officially from the hospital staff here. they are deferring all questions to the fbi because this is of course an extremely sensitive manner. we believe he's in serious condition. we believe he was wounded at some point in the process because the man who found him found him under a tarp covered in blood was the way his condition was described then. sources have also told us that he has lost a lot of blood and that he was somewhat incoherent when he was found by authorities and captured by authorities. he's 19 years old. he's been american citizen who ironically became a citizen on september 11th of last year. a student at a branch of umass
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dartmouth not far from here where he was studying marine biology. the family came here ten years ago from southern russia and appears that he was something of an introvert. there are a number of family members who indicated as much. the bottom line is that he's now here at the hospital being attended to. we hope to learn more about his condition in the coming hours and at some point he will be charged we expect with four counts of murder and a lot more. lester? >> ron allen this morning. thanks very much. >> one suspect is in custody and the other one is dead, there are so many questions this morning and many of course hoping they can be answered by that suspect in custody. just what could have driven these two brothers to attack their adopted country? today's national investigative correspondent jeff rossen has been looking into that angle. jeff, good morning. so that is of course always the big question. the why. are we learning anything at this
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point from family to give any indication, any insight into how this happened? >> we are. of course for investigators to figure out what led brothers to do this. you have to look into the past for possible clues. they came over here about ten years ago from russia with their family and by all accounts they assimilated into american life quite well. the father of the brothers gave an interview in russia and he said, look, my boys were framed. he was in complete disbelief this could possibly happen. he said i don't know who framed them but someone did. in a chilling element of this, in a new interview overnight, the father said that he had spoken to his sons just after the marathon and said are you guys okay. you're in the area and they said we're doing just fine and told the older brother to make sure to take care of the younger brother. make sure he's doing school work. they are saying they're just fine. meanwhile contrast to that an uncle in maryland spoke to
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reporters and denounced them and said they brought shame upon our family and said that they have brought shame upon the chechen people. >> in the wake of all this we hit rewind now and look at things in a different way. were there what could now be called warning signs? >> 26-year-old tamerlan, the fbi questioned him several years ago because they were keeping a very close eye on him but people who knew him say, look, he was a quiet guy. he seemed to be living the typical american life as well. he was religious, devout muslim. a boxer. he wanted to join the u.s. olympic boxing team. he drove a measurrcedes. he dropped out of college to marry an american woman. they were taken into police custody for a bit yesterday. by all accounts this was a religious man but a man who just seemed to fit in very well here. >> still so many questions.
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jeff, appreciate the insight this morning. >> a question lingering today could the bombing suspects ties to disputed territory of chechnya led them to violence? andrea mitchell is nbc's chief foreign affairs correspondent. >> that's the connection what would have been going on there is what investigators want to question dzhokhar about when he is medically able to talk. officials believe he was following the lead of his older brother, tamerlan, who was radicalized in a six-month trip he took to russia last year. it's not clear whether any brother was moved by religion ideology. the fbi questioned him before and after his trip outside of the country. either did not get enough cooperation from russia or didn't follow-up. who are the chechens? they are largely muslim ethnic minority fought and lost two wars of independence against russia since the former soviet
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union's collapse. chechen terrorists have attacked russian targets but never targeting the u.s. last night president obama did talk to russia's president vladimir putin who originally came to power because of the hard line he took in supporting the movement. officials say that boston attack is now helped putin say i told you so because they have been complaining about his suppression and his human rights abuses but there will be questions about the fbi and whether there will now be more cooperation intelligence cooperation with russia. matt? >> andrea mitchell in washington. as always, thank you very much. it's a big victory for everyone involved but the work has just begun. now authorities need to figure out if these bombings suspects had any help. michael is an nbc counterterrorism analyst and served as director of national counterterrorism center under presidents bush and obama. michael, good to see you. >> good morning, matt. >> he's under federal custody right now. he's not been mirandized.
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hasn't been read the lights we see in tv and in the movies and a normal part of criminal proceedings. what leeway does that give the federal government and what does it not allow them to do? >> the federal government has a fair bit of latitude at the beginning to ask him questions that relate to directly to the public safety about other bombs, about other plotters. now, this is all judicial doctrine so there's no clear standards on how long that would last but that period should go into today and maybe even tomorrow. at some point he's going to have to be presented to a u.s. magistrate and hear the charges and from there he'll get back into the system. the hope would be that he'll talk even if he is mirandized by the fbi. >> so this public safety exception, are there other bombs out there, other accomplices, is it going to take a smart defense lawyer to say, wait a second, i challenge this because let me read you tweet from the boston police after he was taken into custody.
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it says captured. the hunt is over. the search is done. the terror is over. is that a problem? >> that would be used by a defense attorney to argue there was no public safety threat. in light of the circumstances we've had, the numerous improvised explosives, the huge gunfire, i think that the government is going to get a fair bit of latitude here. the other piece we have to remember is miranda only affects the statements he makes and whether or not they're admissible in court. i think the fbi will likely have a very, very strong case even if he says nothing at all based purely on the surveillance tape, statements of witnesses and the forensic evidence. >> michael, we'll have you on later to talk about the radicalization of these brothers, how and when it may have happened. thank you very much. >> thank you, matt. >> savannah, you're a lawyer. the government on firm legal ground here? >> it is. as michael pointed out this is a limited exception to the miranda rule. there's no bright line. the court has never said that
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public safety emergency only lasts for x amount of time. it would be something a later court would look at and say did officers have a reasonable and objective belief that there existed a public safety emergency that would allow them to continue questioning an american citizen without reading him his miranda rights. >> in this time he has no access to a lawyer, correct? >> that is correct. another open question. what if somebody invokes the right to a lawyer before being read the miranda rights? okay. the public safety exception would still exist. the reason this matters is once someone is read his miranda rights at any point if he says i want a lawyer, the court has said the questioning must stop. you can't approach them. you cannot in any way that could be interpreted as interrogation talk to that suspect. >> the question is a 19-year-old suspect who is in medical disarray going to think to say i want a lawyer. let me just ask you one other question.
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there's some who wondered whether this is actually federal jurisdiction and whether this might not be a state of massachusetts situation, a simple murder case. >> you're impressing me as a potential defense lawyer. you brought up a couple points that any defense lawyer would. isn't this strictly a massachusetts state matter? this is significant here. massachusetts does not have the death penalty. the federal courts do have the death penalty. i think there will be a strong case for federal jurisdiction. it won't take that much of a hook for prosecutors to say this is a terrorism case. it belongs in the federal courts. let me just say as a veteran of the wars of washington this issue of whether he's called somebody who is a suspect in the criminal justice system as opposed to somebody who is treated as an enemy combatant and by the way an american citizen may be treated as an enemy combatant will be a political hot potato. i don't think there's any question how the obama administration will come down on it. >> we move on. >> yes, we do. as we mentioned, president obama appeared at the white house briefing room last night.
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he thanked authorities and said many unanswered questions remain. nbc's kristen welker is there this morning. kristen, good morning to you. >> all in all this has been a tough week. >> reporter: in a late-night appearance in the white house briefing room, president obama praised the quick work of the fbi, state and local officials who brought an end to five days of terror. >> and tonight because of their determined efforts we've closed an important chapter in this tragedy. >> reporter: administration officials say fbi director robert mueller broke the news to the president that federal agents had arrested the second suspect. homeland security adviser lisa monaco also briefed the president. >> how did they plan and carry
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out these attacks and did they receive help? >> reporter: the comments cap an extraordinary day which saw the boston area go into lockdown mode hours after the president had visited for a thursday interfaith prayer vigil. >> in this moment of grief we join you in saying, boston, you're my home. >> reporter: the president received regular updates from top advisers on friday including a morning briefing with his entire national security team in the situation room and one in the afternoon which included calls to boston mayor tom menino. the president stayed out of public view until it was clear boston's unthinkable ordeal was finally over. >> as president, i'm confident that we have the courage and the resilience and the spirit to overcome these challenges. and to go forward.
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as one nation under god, indifficult adviindi indivisible with liberty and justice for all. on a saturday morning, this is "today" on nbc.
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we're back on a saturday morning. the bombing in boston and capture of the suspect is not the only major story we're following this morning. a powerful earthquake hit china today leaving at least 113 people dead. thousands of others injured. ian williams is in beijing. ian, good morning. what can you tell us? >> reporter: matt, good morning. this quake hit shortly after 8:00 a.m. this morning and don't forget this is almost five years next month when that devastating
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earthquake hit the same area and left tens of thousands dead. this quake was about 70 miles from the regional capital at the depth of only eight miles which meant strength was really magnified. it was in a rural area so the capacity to cause damage was not as great as that quake five years ago. now, the figures at the moment say at least 100 dead. at least 2,000 injured. those figures are likely to grow over the next few hours since some of the areas remain cut off. soldiers have been sent in. rescue teams. we are hearing reports of people being pulled out of collapsed buildings. now, unlike five years ago when entire towns were devastated, tall buildings collapsed, this time the rural areas, the buildings are mainly smaller, one or two story buildings. still the damage does seem to be
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extensive. the information figures are still coming in and we're trying to establish the magnitude of the casualties which as i say are expected to rise over the coming hours for what according to chinese sources is a 7.0 quake. 6.6 according to the u.s. geological survey. either way, a big quake that has caused extensive damage down there, matt. >> all right. ian williams in beijing this morning on another tragic story. i almost said what else could happen but you don't want to ask that question. >> if you do, you have dylan dreyer here with the weather. they have been experiencing serious flooding. >> because of the rain, the rivers have been trying to crest. most of the rivers have crested and are receding at this point. you can see the river flood warnings throughout the midwest and in missouri several rivers will not crest until early next week so flooding is going to be a major concern out that way and then we get into the spring melt with all of the snow melt especially back into fargo where
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precautions are being taken for the potential of perhaps record breaking flooding out in that area once temperatures do start to warm up. temps are not warming up yet. we're seeing cold air working back into the northern plains into the plains themselves with temperatures today only in the 40s and 50s and in the northeast it will be seasonable with the rain coming to an end. temperatures should top out in the upper 50s and lower 60s. we will see increasing sunshine across the eas you're looking at very mild temperatures especially here in san francisco. 50 degrees. temperatures today in inland valleys back to near 80. inland, santa rosa there, 80 at livermore. plenty of sunshine for the rest of the week. record heat by monday.
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>> that's your latest forecast. matt? >> dylan, thank you very much. >> it's been a very busy news week and we want to get ahead to boston and in a few minutes we'll ask the question a lot of people are asking this morning, who is the hero who found this bombing suspect hiding inside a boat in the driveway of his home. >> nearly came face to face with the suspect. a close relative of that man speaks out. first, these messages.
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good saturday morning to you. a live picture right now of sfo to kick off your weekend. the sun not out yet but we are expecting plenty of that today. good morning. we have by all i guess accounts here, a beautiful set of days to come. >> we're looking at a long stretch of warm days. sunny days headed our way. temperatures starting off very mild. already 60 degrees in mill
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valley. 50 in san francisco today. and what i can tell you, it's going to be very warm, almost summerlike. especially livermore, santa rosa, even san jose, temperatures near 80. so keep the spf handy. 70 though, but hang on tomorrow, a perfect beach day on the way. we're talking about mid-70s for places like san francisco. even approaching 80 for santa cruz. you'll notice as we head through this upcoming week, even record heat possible. it's going to feel much more like summer than spring across the bay over the next few days. >> a lot of people have been looking forward to the weekend all week, salivating over the prospect of 70 degree weather. the 11-year-old boy from martinez whose leg was badly injured by shrapnel in monday's bombings continues to recover this morning. the family says aaron was able to eat his first solid meal in the hospital yesterday and that he could be released from the hospital, quote, soon.
5:25 am
a family friend and neighbor is holding a fund-raiser today. many local businesses are donating a portion of their profits to aaron and his family throughout the weekend as well. aaron was waiting for his mother near the finish line at the boston marathon when the bombs went off. this week's terror in boston is having ripple effects with regard to security right here in the bay area. just ask anybody who went to the giants game last night. the team decided to amp up its security measures by scanning every fan coming into the ballpark with a metal detecting wand. but the process was taking so long that by the first pitch more than half of the crowd was still waiting to get inside of the park. eventually, screeners stopped using the wands so fans could just get inside and enjoy the game. >> they should plan for these things. they should have staff that actually gets us into the game. you pay a lot money to get into these games and you think they'd be professional enough to get us in. >> i think it's a great idea because of what's going on. unfortunately, they did send out
5:26 am
a warning, arrive early for all sporting events, and apparently 45 minutes early is just not early enough. >> there is no word yet if the giants plan to scan every fan with the wands this weekend but officials are warning fans to get to the park nice and early. our coverage of the boston bombings continues this morning on "today in the bay." some 9,000 people from every law enforcement agency near and far descended on boston to help catch the the two men who terrorized the city. coming up on "today in the bay," we sit down with an expert on s.w.a.t. emergency communication to discuss what it takes to keep the country safe from these types of attacks. this and all the morning's top stories coming up at 7:00 on "today in the bay. we'll have another local update for you in 30 minutes. for now, back to the "today" show. [ male announcer ] a car that can actually see like a human, using stereoscopic cameras. ♪ and even stop itself
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if it has to. ♪ the technology may be hard to imagine. but why you would want it... is not. the 2014 e-class. it doesn't just see the future. it is the future. celebration in the streets of boston. relieved residents there thanking law enforcement officers for their bravery last night. cheering the "usa" after remaining boston bombing suspect was captured. it came after a dramatic end to these events. a hail of gunfire followed a day in which included an unprecedented lockdown of a major american city.
5:28 am
boston paralyzed for most of the day. good morning, everyone. back now on this saturday morning. it's the 20th of april, 2013. i'm savannah guthrie alongside matt lauer. >> lester and erica are up close to where this came to a dramatic end last night. we saw cheering in the streets. have folks returned to some sense of normalcy this morning? >> except for the rain. it's a soggy morning here but people are out and it was eerie yesterday. the word came out this place was on lockdown. people took it very seriously as they should. they were afraid. >> i flew in yesterday. at the airport everyone was glued to the television. i went to school in boston. even in the middle of the night when i was out perhaps when i was in college, never did i see the streets of boston so empty. there was not a soul on the street except for reporters or law enforcement trying to get somewhere. once the order was lifted, it started to trickle out. you saw celebration in the
5:29 am
streets. they broke into "the star-spangled banner" at one point thanking every officer they saw. trying to get back to normal this morning after the citywide shutdown and as we get a better sense of what that was like. >> katie has more on that now. good morning. >> reporter: about a million people ordered to stay inside to lock their doors. boston and its surrounding suburbs were virtually und under siege. a lockdown in the suburbs a shelter in place order in the city. >> we're asking people to shelter in place. in other words to stay indoors where their doors locked and not to open the door for anyone other than a properly identified law enforcement officer. >> reporter: it was early friday morning when dzhokhar tsarnaev
5:30 am
escaped a police shootout in watertown forcing officials to shut down a 20 block radius and demand residents stay indoors for their own safety. >> i have never seen it this way. even latest hours of night it's never this quiet. >> reporter: a mandate that extended to the greater metropolitan area as tsarnaev remained at large. >> the watch words be careful, be vigilant, call police if you see anything and just be prepared for anything. >> we can't believe it. when we woke up this morning how quiet. there was nobody on the streets. everything is closed. >> reporter: boston commons empty. mass transit frozen. fenway park deserted. it was a city on edge. >> whose truck is this? >> reporter: a coffee shop owner stood on the street looking for customers. by 10:00, he served five people. normally that number would be 200. >> a whole day of revenue. it's the safety of the people,
5:31 am
that's more important than a few hundred dollars. >> reporter: one young man in a baseball hat holding nearly a million captive. >> that was katy tur reporting. less than a week after two blasts rocked the boston marathon, london is about to hold their own marathon tomorrow. >> duncan, good morning to you. can you hear me? >> reporter: hello, yes. >> take it away. >> reporter: i'm coming back on myself now. >> apparently we don't have duncan or his audio. imagine the preparation that has
5:32 am
gone into that london marathon and now this happens here in boston and what they have to do to try to make sure they're secure. i understand they will hand out black arm bands to some of the participants in solidarity with what happened at the boston marathon a week earlier. >> imagine how much more nerve-racking if we did not have two suspects identified and captured. the hope is among authorities that this is limited to them but nevertheless it's just a reminder of how these big public events, no matter how much security you try to apply to them, there's always the possibility of danger and if everyone is on extra alert, that's probably a good thing. >> much more on that coming up. dylan dreyer is back with a check of the weather. >> a lot of rain move across the country this week and the cold front is exiting the east coast. it's raining in the boston area and across florida where actually that's where we'll see most of the heavier rain today and isolated thunderstorms. as we make our way back into the northeast, some rain still falling especially across
5:33 am
southern new england. it is going to move out of here by mid morning. we'll see increasing sunshine up and down the east coast. temperatures will be seasonable but cooler than yesterday. topping out only in the upper 50s and lower 60s. it gets cold again in the northern plains where temps today will only be in the mid 30s. keeping an eye out for potential of still some significant and dangerous river flooding especially back into the midwest with some rivers in missouri not cresting until early next week and we have rain and snow making their way back into the northwest. most of the snow isolated to highest elevations. the heat is still on across the southwest where temperatures today will be well into the 90s. it's even pretty cool across parts of texas. today high temperatures only good morning from the nbc bay area weather center this morning. temperatures very mild already to start. 57. down in the south bay, 54 in san jose. plenty of sunshine expected.
5:34 am
we're looking at highs that are going to be more summer like than spring like. 80 in santa rosa. 78 in san jose. not a bad beach day. santa cruz, at 87 degrees. even warmer for tomorrow. even warmer for monday. temperatures approaching 90. >> that's your latest forecast. matt? >> all right, dylan. thank you very much. i was listening to the interviews you and others did with people who knew dzhokhar tsarnaev over the last several years, almost a decade. sweet. likable. funny. approachable. smart. all of the adjectives that came up. >> to the extent there is a profile, he did not appear to meet it and some are asking the question whether something in the last two years since he left high school that prompted a real change. >> did he fall under the influence of a more radicalized brother? what went wrong with these two guys accused of the boston marathon bombings. this morning their uncle speaks
5:35 am
out live. up next, the true story behind the capture of this 19-year-old suspect found hiding in a boat on land. that's right after this.
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welcome back to this special edition of "today." 19-year-old bombing suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev is in custody this morning thanks to the quick thinking of a watertown, massachusetts, resident who noticed something suspicious in his backyard. david henneberry called police after noticing blood. your mom and stepdad live down the road. a 20-foot boat wrapped up for the winter in shrink wrap. what did your stepdad notice yesterday? >> after the in-home ban was lifted they wanted to get out and get fresh air. a beautiful day yesterday.
5:39 am
they went into the backyard. moms to go a position in the chair in the sun that was available and david was walking around in the backyard. he noticed as the wind had picked up that the tarp was loose on the boat, which was not normal. walked over for a closer glimpse and noticed one of the retention straps had actually been cut. it hadn't worn or come free. it was cut. there was a small amount of blood on the tarp from what i understand. he then took his step ladder that he used to usually inspect the boat. >> didn't dawn on him someone might be in there. he takes a look and what does he see? >> he sees a small pool of blood and again it was partly sunny yesterday and under the tarp of the boat couldn't get a really good view of what he saw but he saw something hunched down toward the forward of the boat and his mind instantly did the
5:40 am
right thing. he didn't try to be a hero. he went to call police. >> did he know that was the bomber? >> at that point i still don't believe he knew what was really going down. >> he goes back in the house. police come. he's in the house when police are surrounding his place. >> police are walking up and down the street. the tactical teams. they were all doing a great job. they had been through the neighborhood all day long multiple times. they had no idea how many times if this suspect had been in this boat. >> when the gunfire breaks out, your mom and stepdad are still in the house? >> no. >> they got them out? >> exactly. they were evacuated immediately after they made the phone call. they were taken to a safe place. i'm assuming a local neighbor's house. from that point the residential phone was off the hook whether it was disconnected or what not. cell phones were left behind. my sister and i were left in a moment of horror. >> are you watching tv at this point? >> i got a phone call from a
5:41 am
friend that says doesn't your mom live on franklin street and literally there's the satellite image of the house. >> you are trying to get ahold of them. >> horrified. >> did they hear the action the night before? >> not at all. i was explaining to you prior to the interview. i called my mother and woke her up at 6:30 in the morning. we had doctor appointments to attend to that we knew weren't going to happen. i told her to turn the television on and she looked out the door and saw the s.w.a.t. teams coming up and down the street at that point. they had no clue what had unfolded in the evening. >> david is a real hero. we're glad they're okay and everything worked out and no further loss of life. >> absolute elation. >> send them our best. >> i will. thank you. >> up next, remembering the brave m.i.t. campus officer killed in the line of duty. we'll have that. first, these messages.
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>> we're back in watertown for this special edition of "today." here's where things stand this morning. one boston bombing suspect, the surviving suspect in custody seriously wounded. his brother, the other suspect, is dead. >> authorities were able to track them down after they shot and down and killed a true hero. a campus police officer at m.i.t. named sean collier. ron allen has more on them. ron, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, erica. this is an absolutely heartbreaking story. one of the four people who died as a result of this incredible week of violence, sean collier was just 26 years old. a campus police officer for the
5:46 am
massachusetts institute of technology or m.i.t. as everyone knows it. he was nearing the end of his shift when he was ambushed by the two brothers shot multiple times in his police cruiser. he died there at the scene. at first this incident was not ken connected to the bombings at the marathon. once calls went over the police radio, police started putting one and one together and adding it up. a chase ensued for the suspects. the next thing that happens along the way when there's a shootout is there's another police officer who is wounded. richard donahue who is 33. he was a transit officer for the transit authority, buses and subways here in boston. he's now fighting for his life at a hospital. he was gravely wounded. he's a father with a young child who is just about 6 months old or so. now another interesting part of this story is that the two men collier and donahue know each other. they were very close friends according to their colleagues. they attended the same police academy together about three
5:47 am
years ago and graduated together. so just a horrific series of events there. collier is dead. donahue fighting for his life as this all just played out in a horrific way. erica? >> all right. ron allen, thank you. we'll have much more ahead including this morning a minute by minute look at just how this dramatic story unfolded through the night. first, this is "today" on nbc. ♪ ♪ if loving you is wrong ♪ i don't wanna be right [ record scratch ] what?! it's not bad for you. it just tastes that way. [ female announcer ] honey nut cheerios cereal -- heart-healthy, whole grain oats. you can't go wrong loving it. bee happy. bee healthy.
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with clusters of flakes and o's. oh, ho ho... it's the honey sweetness. i...i mean,
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still ahead, a question some people are asking this morning. could anyone involved in the marathon bombing still be on the loose? are there other accomplices? this morning the latest on the state of the investigation. >> one of the more terrifying aspects all day yesterday. plus, the uncle of the two suspects talks to us live about what might have led them to allegedly commit such horrible acts. first, these messages.
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5:53 am
good saturday morning to you. a live picture right now of the bay bridge toll plaza as the sun starts to peek out on the horizon. good morning. a look at your weekend forecast, and anthony, we've been waiting all week for the weekend. now we heard about the nice weather to come. >> it's going to be nice. it's going to be summer-like. temperatures today will soar near 80 degrees in inland valleys. 70 in san francisco today.
5:54 am
so very nice. starting off a little mild in nevada with 53 degrees. livermore at 51 degrees. our inland valleys will be the warmest today. livermore, 80, even oakland, 73 and san francisco, 70. so not too bad. warmer for tomorrow. if you're heading to the beach, tomorrow's your pick day. mid-70s, even close to 80 at santa cruz tomorrow. today san francisco's going to be packed. tomorrow, santa cruz. >> we're in april, we're talking about beach days. the summer transition already upon us. excellent. hundreds of people gathered in the south bay to remember the life of 15-year-old audrey pots. family, friends and former classmates came together for a candlelight vigil. audrey took her own life seven months ago after she was allegedly sexually assaulted and fattos of the attack were spread through text messages and e-mails. friends say she didn't tell them
5:55 am
how much the bullying was impacting her. >> nobody knew about what happened. it was a shock to everybody. i guess that's kind of what hurts more, is that i could have helped. and i didn't even get a chance to. >> she's gone because of them. because they were stupid. because they thought it was funny. >> the e-mails, the texts -- >> audrey's father and aunt also spoke ton the crowd at the vigil, thanking everybody for their support, and promising to push for justice in this case. the family has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the three teenagers arrested last week in connection with the alleged assault. the 11-year-old boy from martinez whose leg was injured by shrapnel in monday's bombings continues to recover. the hern family says he was able to eat a solid meal yesterday and he could be released from the hospital soon. some encouraging news. a family friend and neighbor is holding a photo fund-raiser for him today at a park. many local businesses are donating a portion of their profits to aaron and his family
5:56 am
throughout the weekend as well. aaron was waiting for his mother near the finish line at the boston marathon when the bombs went off. our coverage from boston continues this morning on "today in the bay." we'll show you dramatic new video into our newsroom of the moments police and federal agents moved in on the second suspect hiding out in a boat, in a family's backyard locally. the capture took help from some 9,000 people from law enforcement agencies all across the agency. what experts say was the key to keeping the people of boston safe. that and all the morning's top stories coming up at 7:00 on "today in the bay" and we'll have another local news update for you in just 30 minutes. for now, this line picture and back to the today show.
5:57 am
the terror is over after dramatic standoffs and shootouts between investigators and their suspects. they say they have their man. this photo shows the 19-year-old suspect accused of carrying out one of the most heinous attacks in this country's history, the boston bombings captured after a week of terror, boston is
5:58 am
thanking an alert citizen trying to get back to normal this morning. i'm matt lauer alongside savannah guthrie on this special edition of "today" on this saturday morning. lester holt and erica hill are in watertown, massachusetts, where that suspect was caught. >> this drama played out on television screens across the country, around the world and then residents who had finally been allowed to come out of their homes gathered on the streets last night. a spontaneous celebration. they cheered as dozens of police vehicles, first responders drove by them just moments after that capture. >> we cannot forget dozens of victims from monday's bombing at the marathon remain in hospitals around boston. we'll get an update on how they're doing coming up. first, let's go back to watertown. lester and erica are anchoring our coverage from there. good morning. >> over the course of this week thousands of federal, state and local police officers have responded converging on this area all with one goal in mind.
5:59 am
that of course was to get those suspected terrorists. >> this all really began thursday night at least in terms of the last flurry of activity. it was 5:00 thursday when the fbi released that video and those photographs of the two men they believed were responsible for the marathon bombing. just five hours later we learn they hadn't left the area. just after 10:00 p.m., reports of gunshots in cambridge. a young m.i.t. police officer, sean collier, is found shot multiple times inside his vehicle. he's pronounced dead a short time later. minutes after, nearby police respond to reports that two men have carjacked an suv. it's after midnight when police spot the stolen suv and give chase into watertown. the suspects tossing explosives in an attempt to shake their pursuers. and then a raging and prolonged
6:00 am
gun bat. hundreds of rounds fired. when the shooting stops, one of the suspects, 26-year-old tamerlan tsarnaev wearing a suicide bomb vest is dead. the other, his brother, 19-year-old dzhokhar, makes a daring escape and disappears. police suspect he's nearby. police officers swarm watertown going door to door instructing residents to stay inside, some are evacuated. officials move to cut off avenues of escape just before the morning rush they halt all public transit, even amtrak trains and at daylight massachusetts's governor deval patrick orders the entire city of boston to go on lockdown. >> we ask people to shelter in place. >> reporter: from the air and on the ground police and federal agents roll into watertown. in maryland, the men's disgusted
6:01 am
uncle expresses anger. >> dzhokhar, if you're alive, turn yourself in. >> reporter: the red sox and bruins canceled the night's games. by evening police announce their exhaustive house to house search turned up nothing. >> we do not have apprehension of our suspect this afternoon but we will have one. >> reporter: the lockdown is lifted and people come out of their homes. within an hour a man spots blood near his boat, lifts the cover and sees the suspect inside. and then new shots ring out in watertown. finally after a tense standoff, a relieved city cheers as the remaining suspect in the boston marathon bombing is taken alive. >> we have a suspect in custody. >> reporter: finally four days after it all began, president obama spoke of the american spirit in the face of acts of terror. >> we will not waiver from the
6:02 am
character and compassion and the values that define us as a country. >> what an amazing and absolute relief for all of the people who live in this area but a story that still continues to unfold. >> we want to hand it back over to matt and savannah in new york. >> thanks very much. we'll get back to you in a couple minutes. now to the investigation and what happens next. pete williams, good morning to you. >> good morning, savannah. >> let us know. i think everyone is wondering of course what were their motivations and investigators are trying to piece that very thing together. >> that's the big question. the question is what were their influences and what caused them to make this big change and that will be part of where the investigation goes from here. seeing if they did have any overseas influences, influence from others, communications with known terrorists, all of those things to be determined although
6:03 am
the fbi is already very aggressively pursuing that now and on the other track is of course bringing him to trial. the government decided he will not be given the miranda warning. the usual warning on every episode of "law & order." there's a question of public safety and they can question him for 48 hours before having to give him the warning and use that information in court. the justice department says most people even in these circumstances, even facing very serious charges ultimately the death penalty if the government chooses to bring it, they still choose to talk. it's a controversial decision nonetheless. some republicans think anyone who commits an act of terrorism even on american soil, even if they're american citizens as he is, should be brought before a military tribunal and treated as enemy combatant. >> it's a political hot potato. a lot of administration
6:04 am
officials point out the so-called underwear bomber, umar farouk abdulmutallab continued to talk after being mirandized. thank you to you. >> what are investigators doing now? michael leiter served as the director of the national counterterrorism center under presidents bush and obama. good morning to you. >> good morning, matt. >> let's talk about something else that's come up. the older brother, tamerlan, came onto the fbi radar back in 2011. i know you have a copy of something now that i have as well. this is a statement from the fbi. the question is once he came on the radar, what happened to him? bear with me. this is from the fbi. once the fbi learned the identities of the two brothers today, the fbi reviewed its records and determined that in early 2011 a foreign government asked fbi for information about tamerlan tsarnaev. it was based on information that he was a follower of radical
6:05 am
islam and strong believer and he had changed drastically since 2010 as he prepared to leave the united states for travel to the country's region to join unspecified underground groups. where did it go from there, michael? >> a couple of points, matt. first, we have to put this in context. the fbi and the national counterterrorism center that i led receives about 10,000 pieces of intelligence on terrorism each day so this was one of those. what the fbi did was interview him, try to get more information from the foreign intelligence service that provided this tip, probably looked at some of his communications. they didn't see any further indication of terrorist intent and at that point they dropped the investigation. >> that's the question. they drop it completely. i think some people might say doesn't he remain on some kind of a list? even if it's on the end.
6:06 am
now when bombings in boston take place you go back to that list and say we know this guy lives in boston. >> i think that's absolutely right. i don't know if that occurred. my take is it should have. you would be looking at the area around boston or did you have any individuals that were accused of being radicalized in the past. there's certainly the case. i'm sure there will be lots of questions about whether the fbi went far enough and did enough investigation before the fact and i do have great sympathy for them because there are legal restrictions and substantive challenges to keeping surveillance and the like on everyone that you have a report of potentially being radicalized. >> they say the fbi did not find terrorism activity domestic or foreign and those results were provided to the foreign government that brought him to the attention in the first place in the summer of 2011. the fact that the fbi is issuing a statement like this this morning makes it clear they know they will be questioned about this over the coming days.
6:07 am
>> they do. it's absolutely fair to look back at this and figure out if we could have done something better. it's always possible that something did go wrong. what i would urge having lived through this personally in other situations, we have to show a little bit of patience and a little bit of nuance in our understanding of the practical and legal challenges that the fbi faces every day with many people like this individual. >> well put. message received. thanks very much. >> thank you, matt. >> let's go back to lester and erica in watertown. >> all right. thanks very much. >> there are more questions than answers this morning as we know matt was just talking about that. one of the main questions, who are the suspects and what could have driven them to attack their adopted homeland. here with more on that is jeff rossen. >> good morning again. for a week police have been focused on catching these guys and stopping the violence. now that that's over, the bigger questions remain. why would they do this and could there are clues from their past?
6:08 am
this morning as you were just reporting, matt, we're learning more information from the fbi, federal agents questioned the older brother in 2011 after suspicions he was a following of radical islam and wanted to join underground groups. in the end as reported, the fbi found no terrorist activity. now family and friends are talking and filling in the blanks. >> suspect is in custody. >> reporter: the terror suspects, two brothers from russia who moved here ten years ago. 26-year-old tamerlan tsarnaev and 19-year-old dzhokhar. friday their own uncle denounced them. >> he put a shame on the tsarnaev family. he put a shame on the entire chech chechen ethnicity. >> reporter: they're father in russia refused to believe it. somebody cleared framed them he said. i don't know who framed them but they did.
6:09 am
late friday he told nbc news he spoke his sons just after the marathon and they assured him they're okay and people who knew them thought they were okay too. >> seemed to be regular kids like any other kids. i never noticed anything. >> reporter: the older brother, tamerlan, was a boxer and even wanted to join the u.s. olympic boxing team. he had a wife and a 3-year-old daughter seen here being escorted by investigators. tamerlan was also an aspiring engineer who dressed well and drove a mercedes. he was a practicing muslim. >> he was not devout practicing but just recently maybe two years ago he started praying five times a day, which is -- i don't see anything bad in it. >> reporter: but he had a dark side. on his youtube channel, tamerlan posted a play list that included several extremist videos. this one showing what looks like
6:10 am
g jihadist in the training. in a local boston magazine, tamerlan said i don't have a single american friend. i don't understand them. but the younger brother, dzhokhar, had lots of friends. diana went to school with him. was he ever violent? >> not at all. he didn't seem religious at all. he didn't seem angry at the world. none of that sort at all. >> reporter: dzhokhar went to school here at one of the most prestigious high schools in the area. other graduates include actors ben affleck and matt damon. people who knew dzhokhar here say he was a star wrestler. a nice, normal kid. >> a regular teenager. he was sweet. always with his friends. >> reporter: he wasn't a loner? >> not at all. >> reporter: dzhokhar is registered as a student at umass dartmouth. he says he's single listing his priorities as career and money. and declares
6:11 am
as islam. he last logged in thursday at 9:04 p.m. just as policed launched a dragnet to catch him. knowing what you know, can you look back and say i missed that? >> no red flags at all. nothing i wish i could have stopped from continuing. >> now investigators are anxious to talk to the younger brother because they took him alive they have a much better chance now of piecing this all together in his own words and answering the big question, of course, which is why. so they can prevent future attacks and figure out what happened here. >> let's send it back to savannah in new york. >> let's get more insight into the two bombings suspects from rusian tsarni. he is their uncle. >> good morning. >> we saw you yesterday. we saw your anger and outrage of
6:12 am
what these two suspects are accused of. i imagine you were watching last night when dzhokhar was taken into custody. what was your reaction then? >> i was relieved that he's alive. at least he has a chance to ask for forgiveness for those who he victimized or had involvement in and there's a chance for enforcement agencies to get to the bottom of it. i strongly believe they were just puppets and executers of something of bigger scale. >> you know, that's interesting that you say that. your brother who are these suspects' father thinks they were framed. do you believe they were framed? >> framed i see as -- there certainly were mentors. these children grew up in my house they were not with their parents. i know them.
6:13 am
i saw what happened the last time i spoke with tamerlan in 2009 and i was shocked when i heard his words, his phrases. he started talking where every other word he starts sticking in words of -- when i questioned what he was doing for work he claimed he would put everything in the will of god were his words. it was a big concern to me. he called me confused when i started explaining to him that you need to make yourself useful to yourself and to your family and maybe you'll have extra to share with everybody else and he called me confused for that. and then i called -- >> i'm sorry to interrupt you. i want to clarify. it's one thing to become more devout and more impassioned about your religion. you seem to be describing something more than that.
6:14 am
>> devotion -- it wasn't devotion. it was something as it's called being radicalized. not understanding even what he's talking. he's just using words for the sake of the words. and not understanding the meaning of it. so that's what i saw. i immediately called the next day. i called one of the acquaintances of mine who is part of their family. i said are you aware who might be possibly influencing him? is it his mother? what is it? he said there is someone who brainwashed him, some newly convert to islam. i would like to stress of armenian descent. these are specific words. why i say this is his radicalization is a product of the very local place where he
6:15 am
lived last year. in my belief it has nothing to do with russia a chechnya which he had nothing to do with. he leaned more toward ethnicity of his mother so therefore it started here. how it developed, i assume there could be something else. >> what do you think should happen to dzhokhar now. he's in the justice system. do you worry for his health as we understand it he was wounded during all of this. >> listen, i was angry yesterday. i watched news yesterday. i saw his body. with all the feeling, expression of sorry and condolences to the victims, martin, lu, krystle,
6:16 am
the officer doing his job for his family, i can't call the brothers here victims. i knew them as kids. i want him alive. i want him alive. he's been used by his older brother. he's been used. he's just another victim of his older brother. he victimized others but he's been used by his older brother. so for 19 years old kid, i do not even believe what he had been in full comprehension of what he's been doing. for the sake of seeking forgiveness for himself and for seeking forgiveness for himself, i don't know how long his life
6:17 am
is going to be but i know it will be way easier for him if he receives that forgiveness for those who he made to suffer. i would love for him to be alive. >> i'm sorry to cut you off a bit. we're out of time. sir, we appreciate you being here with us particularly under difficult circumstances for your family and thank you for giving us more information this morning. thank you. >> thank you. >> we've got much more of our coverage out of boston and new york right after this.
6:18 am
good morning from the nbc bay area weather center. temperatures are mild to start the day. we're at 55 in nevada. 53 in san jose. later on today, temperatures will feel summer-like. 80 in livermore. 78 in san jose. not bad in san francisco, city by the bay at 70.
6:19 am
tomorrow, the heat cranks up. 86, inland. 73 at the coast. record heat possible for monday and tuesday. >> that's your latest forecast. >> thanks so much. still ahead, the massachusetts residents who had to hunker down while a suspected killer was on residents who had to hunker down wlook at them kids.iller was on [ sigh ] they have no idea what it was like before u-verse high speed internet. yeah, you couldn't just stream movies to a device like that. one time, i had to wait half a day to watch a movie. you watched movies?! i was lucky if i could watch a show. show?! man, i was happy to see a sneezing panda clip! trevor, have you eaten today? you sound a little grumpy. [ laughter ]
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>> still to come on "today," can boston ever be the same? the fallout a day after the city and this area was put under lockdown. plus, still to come, the reporter who was so close to the shootout with the suspect he could actually smell the gunpowder. first, these messages. [ wind howling ]
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6:23 am fills you with energy... and it gives you what you are looking for to live a more natural life. in a convenient two bar pack. this is nature valley... delicious granola bars made with the best ingredients in nature. nature valley. nature at its most delicious. good saturday morning to you. we kick off your weekend with a beautiful image of the bay bridge as the sun just starts to rise. i'm sam brock joined by meteorologist anthony slaughter as we take a look at your weekend forecast. a lot to look forward to this weekend. >> the weather is going to be the shiniest part. temperatures are going to feel summer-like. in fact, temperatures already starting off this morning in the mid-50s in nevado.
6:24 am
a little cool in napa. san jose, 53. we have a big area of high pressure that's in control of our weather for today. really, for the next couple of days, this thing's going to be in charge of our weather and responsible for a big warm-up. in fact, it's going to feel more like summer today than anything else. keep the spf handy. 77 in san rafal. 73 in oakland. 78 in san jose. temperatures crank a little warmer. we could be looking at a few records not only for tomorrow but through tuesday. this could be some of the warmest weather we've seen if we, in fact, get back into the mid to upper 80s by monday. we could see a few valleys top out near 90. unbelievable. >> sounds unfathomable. thank you, appreciate it. the 11-year-old boy from martinez whose leg was badly injured in monday's bombings continues to recover this morning. the family says he was able to eat his first solid meal in the hospital yesterday and that he could be released soon from the hospital. a family friend and neighbor is
6:25 am
holding a photo fund raiser for aaron today. many local businesses are also donating a portion their profits to aaron and his family throughout the weekend. aaron was waiting for his mother near the finish line at the boston marathon when the bombs went off. this week's terror in boston is having ripple effects with regard to security right here in the bay area. just ask anybody who went to the san francisco giants game last night. the team decided to step up its security measures by scanning every single fan coming into the ballpark with a metal detecting wand. but the process was taking so long that by the first pitch more than half of the crowd was still waiting to get into the ballpark. >> they should plan for these things. they should have staff to actually get us into the game. you pay a lot of money to get us into these games. you think they'd be professional enough to get us in. >> i think it's a great idea because of what's going on currently in our country. they did send out a warning,
6:26 am
arrive early for all sporting events. apparently, 45 minutes early is just not early enough. >> there's no word to this point if the giants plan to scan every fan with the wands this weekend but officials are warning fans to get to the park nice and early. we'll have much more from boston coming up this morning on "today in the bay." but closer to home, friends and family members gathered to remember the life of a south bay teenager. >> i knew the second you were born you were the little sister i always wanted and i'd do anything to protect you. i'm so sorry i failed. >> an emotional day. the family of 15-year-old audrey potts share her story. plus, what friends say they wish they would have done differently. that and all the morning's top news stories come up in 30 minutes on "today in the bay." for now, we return to the "today" show. we'll be right back.
6:27 am
the hunt is over. a suspected terrorist in the hospital in police custody this morning after an extremely tense week of terror. in the words of the boston police department, justice has won. and residents overjoyed by that news coming out to the streets to cheer on those officers to thank the hundreds of law enforcement officials who helped to get a man believed to be extremely dangerous and to get
6:28 am
that man off the streets. all of this happening as a city that was brought to a standstill on friday can now on this saturday morning begin to try to get back to normal. and back here in watertown on this saturday morning, april 20th, 2013, i'm erica hill alongside lester holt. and in new york, matt lauer and savannah guthrie with us for a special edition of "today." >> that's right. good morning to both of you. >> we're very close to where this whole standoff came to an end and certainly a sense of relief and calm finally brought to a community that felt anything but for nearly 24 hours. you can go back four days actually from the time of the bombing on monday. >> one person in that neighborhood got a real close view of the s.w.a.t. team activity happening right outside his house. we'll talk to that person coming up in just a couple minutes. >> there was a lot of people that saw something extraordinary in the last few days. we'll meet a woman who witnessed
6:29 am
last night's takedown of the suspect. >> but first we want to get the latest on another big story that we're following this morning. a powerful earthquake striking china and the casualty toll is rising. nbc's ian williams is in beijing. ian, what can you tell us? >> reporter: rescue workers and soldiers are rushing to southwest china after that massive quake struck shortly after 8:00 a.m. this morning. now, according to u.s. seismologist, it was a 6.6 quake. chinese seismologists have it as 7. the death toll is well over 100 and rising. more than 2,000 injured. that is expected to rise significantly. many areas are still cut off. rescue workers are still trying to reach remote towns and villages. initial reports say many of those villages have been flattened. now, this is not a repeat of the
6:30 am
2008 quake. you recall that devastating quake killed tens of thousands of people. it devastated entire cities. now, the epicenter of this quake was about 17 miles from the regional capital. it was only eight miles beneath the surface. this is an area of smaller villages. undoubtedly those towns have been badly hit but they are mainly smaller houses, one, two stories, so we don't expect the death toll and damage to come anywhere near the 2008 disaster but this is serious. it's an enormous jolt and we expect the death toll to rise and injuries to rise quite significantly over the coming hours, matt. >> ian williams in beijing with one of the other stories we're covering this morning. that earthquake in china. ian, thank you very much. >> let's take a turn and get
6:31 am
another check of the weather. dylan is here. >> good morning, everyone. the flooding is a concern back across the midwest where some rivers in missouri might not even crest until early next week. that cold front that brought that rain to the region is now exiting the east coast. we are going to see improvements especially up across new england where the rain will clear out. we'll see increasing sunshine. temperatures a little bit below average across most of the country by 5 degrees or so. rain moves back into areas across minnesota and upper midwest into sunday. the east coast does stay sunny and cool with temperatures below average on sunday and we'll still keep an eye out good morning from the nbc bay area weather center this morning. high pressure in full control over our weather this weekend. it's going to leave skies clear and a very warm forecast. we're talking about summer-like conditions. 80 at santa rosa. 70 in san francisco. down in the south bay, 78 in san jose.
6:32 am
not bad in santa cruz. 76. so perfect beach weekend. even for tomorrow. a little bit warmer with record heat on the way tomorrow all the way through tuesday. >> that's your latest forecast. matt? >> coming up next, a harrowing firsthand account of that gun battle that started 24 hours of terror in the town of watertown, massachusetts. we'll have that story right after this.
6:33 am
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6:35 am
welcome back to a special edition of "today," the day after authorities capture the man they believe is responsible for the boston bombings. >> as the manhunt unfolded on friday, more than a million residents were ordered to stay home for several hours. for many of them it was a surreal and scary experience. nbc's kerry sanders after a long
6:36 am
night is back with more. >> good morning, lester and erica. for the residents it was an incredible, emotional roller coaster and many of them said that it was a day of confusion that went from confusion to despair to joy hours later when they realized that the suspect had finally been found. we talked to a couple of people about their experience during this citywide lockdown. as s.w.a.t. teams marched door to door in watertown, worried bostonians became prisoners in their hoown homes. >> we ask people to sehelter in place with doors locked and not to open the door for anyone other than a properly identified police officer. >> reporter: holed up inside for hours, boston residents took to social media posting videos of s.w.a.t. members on roofs, in tanks and even in their living rooms. it was a surreal site for jason cohen. >> one guy with his rifle on his
6:37 am
car and an agent with his gun pulled. >> reporter: he snapped photos inside and did his best to keep the kids occupied. >> kids played with the toys. played games. played on the ipad. took naps. it actually at some point went quickly because time flies when you are transfixed by something like this. >> reporter: five miles away, sherry and her family watched the tv. >> it felt like we were inside this strange nightmare and really so ready for it to be over. >> reporter: soon it would be after hours of being cooped up, they were finally able to leave their homes. >> stay indoors request is lifted. if you are out, continue to be alert. >> reporter: a few hours later the suspect was in custody and the city under siege could now
6:38 am
celebrate. >> it just feels like tomorrow is going to be a whole new day here in boston and we're going to be able to wake up with a sense of great security for the first time all week and it's a great feeling. >> shelter in place. it's sort of a funny term that now more than a million people and quite frankly the nation know and understand. >> all too familiar with it. that's true. thank you. as we heard so much from kerry, those watertown residents spending 24 hours in many cases trapped inside their homes watching this drama unfold around them. two of the people who went through that, andrew. good to have you here this morning. you have quite the tale to tell. andrew, we'll start with you. you were giving us a play by play of what you saw. you saw this unfold on thursday
6:39 am
night. tell us what happened. >> the shooting happened outside of my home. i initially heard gunshots around 12:45 a.m. and for watertown it's startling because it's a quiet town and i heard the gunfire. i went to the window and saw shootings outside of my apartment. >> you saw the suspects outside your apartment? >> two shooters taking cover firing upon watertown police officers. that's when i started to actually take pictures and live tweet the event. >> you actually at one point there are bullet holes in your wall. you said you were seeing them and you were tweeting and giving play by play, did you see the suspect in custody, did you see him flee? >> i did. after a lot of gunfire and use of explosion i saw one of the shooters get back into his vehicle. he turned around on our street and just floored it right into the watertown police officer
6:40 am
vehicles. >> that's probably the first moment you took a breath. >> barely. small breath. >> and then if we fast forward to last night, mary, you were under this shelter in place. we heard the governor lift that order. we saw a lot of folks in watertown start to come out as you did. take the dog for a walk. and that moment of calm changed quickly for you. >> right. my son, daughter and my son's girlfriend and the dog and i decided to go out and we were stopped and it was very calm. we were headed over to go to franklin street which is where i walk my dog. as we were coming down, we heard all of these shots being fired and we hid behind a car and we just put the phone and tried to hold it up. it just happened so quickly and so quietly.
6:41 am
we didn't notice anything out of turn happening and it's as if they were very slowly coming in and then we knew right then and there that it must have been the second suspect so we stayed where we were and then we slowly inched our way into get more video and see what was going on. >> were you fearful at all? >> i think i had never heard of shooting before except on television or in the movies so when you hear it, it sounded like firecrackers but we knew right away that we had to hide behind a car and we did. it was about a half block we could see down the street and the police officers were also escorting a few children and their mom i think coming out from the street and then we waited for a little while and by then cameramen started coming in and then more shooting began. >> incredible tales from both of you as we fast forward to later in the night once we knew the suspect was in custody, you were
6:42 am
both out there. what made you go outside or stay outside? >> we stayed outside. i live on the main street. it was just to be thankful to the watertown police and to all of the presence of the state police and the fbi and everyone who was here. they were wonderful. >> we were basically confined to our homes all day long. for me it was nice to actually finally get out and have freedom and go see friends and enjoy ourselves. >> feel safe again. good to have both of you with us. we're glad you're both safe during everything that happened. appreciate you sharing your stories. still ahead, how employees at stories. still ahead, how employees at one boston looks like you got 5% cash back using your chase freedom card at lowe's this quarter. yeah! i felt really good. ah! don't worry! yeah. we're good! activate your 5% cash back at
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those are some of the
6:45 am
residents last night in a relieved town of watertown, massachusetts, 12 hours after the suspected boston marathon bomber was captured by police. >> all week we have seen images of the actual bomb blast. the forum restaurant was the site of the second bomb blast. harry smith met with the people that were working there that fateful day. >> reporter: what was it like that monday morning? >> it was exciting. i remember getting on just before 8:00 and turning the music up. it was very upbeat, sunny day. >> reporter: chris is the general manager of forum, 200 yards from the marathon finish line. no one had an inkling of what was about to happen. the restaurant and its patio out front were getting more crowded by the minute. where were you when the first explosion happened? >> right in front by the vip section. i thought it kind of shook the
6:46 am
building a little bit and people all around me started pressing forward to crane their next to look down the street to see what it was. >> reporter: before anyone could understand the nature or the source of the first explosion, the second bomb blew up directly in front of the restaurant. >> i was looking right out and there's a mailbox right there and i was looking at the mailbox when it blew up so i saw the orange fire. it looked like a huge firecracker like an m-80 or something and you see it blossoms and just people are falling and there's glass everywhere. i was worried about people falling on the glass and everyone is running toward the back and people are diving behind couches and it was just chaos. it was crazy. >> reporter: able bodied and slightly injured rushed out the back exit but not the employees. they stayed facing a scene of carnage that was difficult to comprehend.
6:47 am
>> reporter: julie, does anything prepare you for witnessing what you witnessed? >> no. no. you literally -- it's instinct. you go and do what you can to help people. >> reporter: forum employees became first responders. >> the most injured people were out just in front of the patio but because of the uncertainty, people were bringing them into the restaurant to try to aid them. there were members of our staff that were right there holding onto people, taking their belts off to stop bleeding and different things like that. >> reporter: stunning to me to think you really are at the heart of the terror. you all stayed. are you heroes? >> no. >> no. >> no. >> you know, some people said what we did was heroic. what we did is we were at the wrong place at the wrong time
6:48 am
but we did the right thing. >> and that was harry smith reporting. >> back with our coverage right after this.
6:49 am
6:50 am
6:51 am
as we get set to wrap things up on this saturday morning, we know a lot more this morning than we did about 24 hours ago. a lot of questions remain unanswered. i'm still trying to think of this younger suspect, dzhokhar and how he could live a life the
6:52 am
contradiction. described in glowing terms by people that came in contact with him over the last decade and yet behind the scenes he's living a life that could end up with the death of four people in boston. >> we saw the anger of his uncle yesterday which probably reflects the sentiment of a lot of people. here are two men that get every advantage of american society. they were permitted to live here under a grant of political asiem as asylum. the younger suspect was naturalized on 9/11 of last year. there are a lot of questions and people in boston are asking them more than anybody. >> just this sense of relief here and any of us here during the week felt that sense of insecurity and now can't help but share in the sense of relief and feeling secure again. it's a good feeling. >> that feeling of security. we will of course continue to cover this for you throughout the day. good to have everyone with us this morning. thanks for joining us. catch coverage all day long on
6:53 am
msnbc and on >> i'll see you back here for "cnbc nightly news" with much more. until then, have a great day. so long. thanks for watching. good morning, i'm sam brock. coming up, a nation on high alert is finally able to breathe this morning. hundreds celebrate in the streets of boston as a massive man hunt that paralyzed the city finally comes to an end. authorities releasinging this photo of the suspect moments after he was captured. this morning, the eyewitness account that led police to the most wanted man in the country.
6:54 am
plus -- >> i knew i would do anything to protect you. i am so sorry i failed. >> the family of 15-year-old audrey pott shares her story. plus, what her friends say they wish they would have done differently. "today in the bay" is next.
6:55 am
6:56 am
6:57 am
a good saturday morning to you. a live picture right now of the city of san francisco on a day that is expected to be quite beautiful. good morning. thanks for joining us. chris sanchez is off this morning. we've been waiting all week long for gorgeous weekend weather. maybe this is the reward for those folks. >> it's nice to be able to deliver such nice weather. we're talking about summer-like conditions today. let's get you to the hour by hour forecast. temperatures in the next hour will start to warm even back into the 50s. by noon today, many locations inland will be already in the 70s. even at the coast, approaching 70 today. and inland, that's where we see the warmest conditions. so very summer-like. keep the spf handy and drink plenty of water. 53 in san jose. but everybody waking up under clear skies this morning as high
6:58 am
pressure is in full control of our weather. that's what's going to be responsible for really warming us up. really, past into summer-like conditions. we're zooming past spring. temperatures for this time of year only used to being in the 70s in many locations. will be in the 80s. 84 in gilroy. 80 in livermore. even in san francisco today, 70. tomorrow, about five degrees warmer. and then monday, about ten degrees warmer. so places today that will be in the 80s will be flirting with 90 degrees come monday. very warm, very quick. this coming week, we have cooler weather on the way. >> not a lot to complain about in terms of the upcoming forecast. thank you. we have a lot to get to. let's get right to it. we continue to follow the latest from boston. the second suspect in the deadly bombings is in police custody. after an extensive manhunt that virtually paralyzed the greater boston area. authorities say a tip from a
6:59 am
resident in watertown, massachusetts, helped lead them to this man. 19-year-old dzhokhar tsarnaev. he will not be read his miranda rights because the government is evoking a public safety exception. nbc's chris pallone has the very latest. >> reporter: news of the end spread quickly and boston took to the streets to celebrate. people in water town massachusetts aplauding police, shouting thank you to first respond earns. >> thank you to our police. we're safe. >> reporter: the end came in a hail of gunfire. police trading shots with 19-year-old dzhokhar tsarnaev as he tried to avoid capture. >> we are eternally grateful for the outcome. we have a suspect in custody. >> reporter: police say

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